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zootycoons's Journal

Zoo Tycoons
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Finally, a community for players, fans, and addicts of Zoo Tycoon.

Here, you can trade secrets, easter eggs, tips, hints, ideas for an expansion pack. Got a great looking zoo? Post a screen shot (under a cut, of course)! Found a new cheat code? Let us know!

No real limitations on posts; just try to keep it on the topic of the Zoo Tycoon game, or anything to do with real-life zoos and animals.

Feel free to post quizzes or polls on these topics. All I ask is this:

- When posting a quiz, subsequent quiz-takers should post their results under the original post, not on the top-level.
- When posting a long test or poll, use the LJ-cut tag. And, as above, put all the responses under the original post.

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, enjoy!