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sea lion error

um... does anyone know what this is about?

my male sea lion doesn't seem to exist anymore. when I place a male sea lion in an exhibit, he isnt visible, its like doesn't even exist. but when I click on the exhibit and view the animals in the exhibit, he is listed as one. when I click on him from that window, I get an error that zoo tycoon needs to close blahblahblah. however, the female sea lion seems to operate just fine.

does anyone know what this is or why it happens?

and for the person that was having mudslide deaths with their animals. I watched it happen to one of my elephants the other day. I think its just the way they die. they kind of fall over and slide on the ground.
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Hey, I just joined. I've been playing Zoo Tycoon for some time... I get hooked for long periods of time and play obsessively, then i'll go months without playing at all.
Up until now, i've pretty much played the basic stuff... i was wondering if anyone knows any good cheats to unlock animals and give me money and such. I know there's one to get a unicorn... rename the exibit as something, but i can't for the life of me remember what.
anyhoo, that's me.
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Dinosaur Research Lab

I'm up to working on advanced scenarios, & I've got a question about one of them.

Dinosaur Digs: Genetic Research Lab (Advanced)

One of the requirements is to obtain a zoo value of $350,000. I've done this scenario several times now & I haven't been able to get my zoo value above $320,000.

For anyone who's done this scenario, or just ANYONE, got any suggestions???

Do you think my zoo value would go up if I used different food stands rather than just restaurants? I only use restaurants cos the maintenance workers piss me off, but I can change that if it means winning this scenario.

This may be a stupid question

I just downloaded the endangered species pack from the Zoo Tycoon web sight. It is the extras that come if you buy Zoo Tycoon complete. When I went to check it out the stuff is there but not the information. For example it has three scenaios but it doesn't give much info about them it just says adopt 2(s) ect. It does not even give a name for them and they are named on the web sight. also when you hover the animal to adopt it does not say what it is or how any info on how to keep it happy. Did I do something wrong or is this how it works.
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Mysterious Death Slide Strikes Again

A little over a week ago I posted seeing my Asian elephant sliding across the ground, then disappearing. Immediately after the message box alerted me it had died.

I saw the "slide to death" again last night! Only this time the dearly departed was a Plains Zebra. I was checking my animals individually, clicked on that particular zebra, but its status window wouldn't come up. Then I witnessed the Death Slide.

It wasn't due to lag in the game because everything else in the zoo was moving normally. Straaange. Mabe I'm just a sliding Grim Reaper to my animals.
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Did you send the site your wishlist?

A couple of months ago the official site was taking e-mails with "What would you like to see in the next Zoo Tycoon game?" (Not a direct quote, but it was similar.)

I sent in a huge long wishlist for the game, like more animals from Australia, more flowerbed options, an automatic moat tool and a ton of other stuff I can't recall.

It's sort of a moot point now, since the site doesn't seem to have the request up any more. I'm just curious, did anyone else send them an e-mail for that?

Easiest animals to keep

What are the easiest animals to keep if I want to achieve a suitable rating fast?

Also, how do I know what should be a good diversity? My zoo layout sucks! All my enclosures are lined up against the walls :-

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Another question:

The Tricerotops is hungry, and it keeps saying it's not happy, presumably because of it's hunger. There is food in the darn exhibit, so why won't he eat, and how can I make him?