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I'm working on a CC zoo, and for the life of me, I cannot get my green sea turtle combined sea/land exhibit to work. Is there anyone I can mail it to to help me out?

[I have a few downloaded animals in it, I'm not sure if this effects players who don't have the installed animals...]
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bah! i'm lame. i can't seem to get past the intermediate levels (the cat one and the endangered species one) to save my life! the game's still fun so i keep trying, but i feel retarded. did you all have the same problem, or is there some trick i'm not getting?

----------EDITED TO ADD----------------------------------------------

thanks for the advice guys! i talked to my brother last night and he showed me check out the zoo tycoon cheats on it--pretty nifty!
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Hey, my name is Sarah. I just joined this community because I searched for communities which listed "animals" as an interest because I'm trying to start an animal shelter and I need lots of help. Anyway, this game sounds awesome!

Does anyone know if there is a free downloadable trial version or anything of that sort?

If not, does anyone know about how much the game costs most places? I'm a poor college student so it's gotta be pretty cheap for me to buy it! But I really want it! I love animals, and this sounds like the ultimate game for me.

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Just some general questions

I would like some advice on how to raise the Zoo Rating.

I am working on a scenario that requires a ZR of 93, yet no matter what I can't raise it above 89 or 90. I don't have a problem keeping a high guest happiness, so I'm not sure where the problem lies.

Also, how to you arrange your exhibits/attractions? Do you follow the edge of the zoo or spread out into the middle? Do you make a circle so guests don't have to double-back, or no? I'm curious which techniques are most successful.


Hey, I was just wondering if anyone knew how to make a leopard (black or sptted) exhibit that keeps them happy but is bigger than 10 squares * 10 squares. Prefferably I'd like to make it 50 * 30. Any help would be appreciated. Oh & I have the expanded marine dino and reg. zoo tycoon.
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K, this seems slightly messed up to me.

When I play the senerios and complete them... they dont get marked off... they just stay as they were before I played them. I thought maybe I had to start at the very beggining and go from there so I did... I got to the dinosar tutorial (one with allosaurus you set lose)and the instructions were fine until the thing came up saying "oopps there you go listening to us again , maybe he isnt so tame!" and asking me to hire the DRT. I clicked ok to go do that... and... the side thing was blocked off to only the top 2 things. In the middle it said hire a scientist to care for the egg... but the staff one was blocked out.... I hit main menu thing and left. Is my game screwed up or somthing???

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Hi I am new here!
I love Zoo tycoon! I bought the complete collection at christmas and have spent many hours playing it! Sadly my brother is not very nice and I think he hid/threw out/broke the installation cd. Now I run it off of the marine cd cuz it was already installed. Im moving out soon though and will have to get my own computer, so.. that will probally be the end of my playing. :(
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Hello again! I know I use this community alot, but I really need help with these things! I was wondering if anyone had any tips on breeding. I'm in the Endangered Animals scenario and I need to breed my okapis to win. I've already used the tips on Wisco's Zoo Tycoon website and they didn't work. Any tips on breeding okapis? Thanks in advance!
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Cocoon by Isobel


I'm currently playing the Saving the Great Cats scenario, and I've been doing pretty well. Well, up until the time I added leopards. I just can't get them to be happy. Both the regular leopards and the black leopards (in seperate exhibits) are extremely unhappy, even though they're not hungary, they're not sick, and the exhibit rating is up in the high 80s and 90s. They're also both kept away from the main paths so they aren't feeling crowded. I give them the proper toys and shelters. They're still angry! The highest happiness I had from a regular leopard was 12, and 18 from a black leopard. Why?! Anyone have a solution? Thanks in advance!
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