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Hi there, I bought the original complete zoo tycoon (with marine mania and dino digs) three years ago and was addicted to it. Never played Zoo tycoon 2 but from what I’ve read it sounds pretty cool.

I found Marine Park Empire (similar game) for real cheap and have been playing that on my laptop which doesn’t have much memory and makes the game run veerrrrrrrryyyyyyyy sssssssllllllloooowwwwwllyyy. Not bad, but ZT2 looks better.

Does anyone know if they’ll be a new ZT game out? And what new features/animals would you like to see in one if there was? I’d like to see an aviary feature where you could build aviaries and stock it with number of different bird species, perhaps even allow visitors to walk through it. A reptile house and aquarium that you could buy and look inside and stock with various creatures, rather than just buy a building, would also be good.
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I have MPE and it's a decent enough replacement, but I still love the original ZT/ZT2. I just recently re-bought all the ZT2 games and am waiting for them in the mail (I lost the originals ages ago - but I haven't played Extinct Animals yet! I'm excited. :D).

I'd looove to see an expansion cover mythical animals. Unicorns, dragons, etc. If anything though, I really do miss the multiple entertainment buildings like the original ZT game had. Like the Insect House, Crustacean House, and that building where it was an underwater shark experience. I guess it's the same as your aviary, reptile house, and aquarium. I'd love to walk through them, too!