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Hi people!

I am new to this community & new to zoo tycoon (2)
My boyfriend just bought me zoo tycoon 2, and I was addicted pretty much right away.
I wish I wasn't so busy with school & work so that I could play more ZT!

Has anyone else had problems with animals imbreeding? (hahaha so funny)...Is there any way to tell which baby is the offspring of which 2 adults? besides going by their numbers? I lost track of my camels and I think one of the moms is pregnant again and i think the dady might be her son or something...hahha i don't know what's going i'm not sure who the new baby's daddy is! I don't want any bastard camels! hhahaa. I guess as soon as the children become adults one should release them into the wild or move them? Is this the only way to prevent such things?

Also, my freakin gazelles keep jumping their fence! I don't know how this is happening, the ground around them is flat and i'm using the highest fence availible. I was going to replace them with zebras cus they're so annoying, but i think my guests really like them, so they will stay, FOR NOW. muah ah ahhhh.

I look forward to this community. woop woop!

ps. I co-maintain a community: torontozoolove, it's good times!
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