Stacy (innocent_lilies) wrote in zootycoons,

K, this seems slightly messed up to me.

When I play the senerios and complete them... they dont get marked off... they just stay as they were before I played them. I thought maybe I had to start at the very beggining and go from there so I did... I got to the dinosar tutorial (one with allosaurus you set lose)and the instructions were fine until the thing came up saying "oopps there you go listening to us again , maybe he isnt so tame!" and asking me to hire the DRT. I clicked ok to go do that... and... the side thing was blocked off to only the top 2 things. In the middle it said hire a scientist to care for the egg... but the staff one was blocked out.... I hit main menu thing and left. Is my game screwed up or somthing???
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