February 25th, 2007

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'ello, I'm new :)

Just wanted to say hi to everyone and it's nice to find an active Zoo Tycoon community on LJ. Anyhoo, just wanted to ask if anyone has been having problems with their giraffes. I have all expansion packs installed (Zoo Tycoon 2) and occasionally I'll get a few giraffes that become manic-depressive. They'll go to call to another giraffe or some other mundane thing and then become obsessed with doing that and will ignore food, water, sleep, and basic hygiene. I also have homicidal bengal tigers that are members of the mafia....because on two occasions I have found carcasses of fellow tigers (which they later EAT from) at the bottom of their little pool of water I have in the middle of their exhibit. WTF?

Also my evil female secretary bird randomly decided to murder her mate....who was named Batman. She now eats from the "Carcass of Batman" o.O What is going on?!?
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