December 29th, 2005

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So, I'm new to this community, and it doesn't really look like many people update or comment much on here, which sort've really sucks. But, I thought I would do a sort've introduction, if you must.

My name is Danielle, I'm 17.. I'll be 18 in April. I am in love with animals, and I have tons of animals.. I've wanted a career with something to do with animals, I've thought about becoming a Zoo keeper, so the Zoo Tycoon game seemed cool to me.

When I was younger, like in 5th grade, my friend had the Rollercoaster Tycoon game.. and I thought it looked really really confusing and i definitely wasn't too interested in it, but i was seriously obsessed with The sims.. I got all of the expansion packs, I especially loved the whole unleashed one. :) I also now have the Sims 2 and the expansion packs, university and nightlife. I can't wait til they come out with an animal one for that, too.. it'd be awesome.

but anyways.. I also got Zoo Tycoon, and the marine mania and dinosaur one, too.. it was pretty interesting, I was pretty much addicted, I didn't like the dinosaur one though. And then I got Zoo Tycoon 2, and the endangered species expansion pack. At first I didn't like ZT2.. I liked the normal ZT more, but thats cause I wasn't used to the Zoo Tycoon 2 yet. I also didn't ever get to play JUST ZT2 cause I had installed the ES expansion at the same time.. so yeah. I cant wait to try out the whole tram things..
I'm having a lot of issues with it, and the whole making it go through the whole exhibits and stuff.. any tips?

Please comment.
♥ Danielle.
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