October 27th, 2002

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Alright, I need the assitance of all and any Zoo Tycoons.
I'm playing Zoo Tycoon, the freeform game.
I'm playing the big grassy zoo because I have plans to attempt to create a really cool and really large zoo with a set of animals from the original, dino digs and marine mania.
But Lo and Behold, time and time again, the following happens
If I'm lucky, things starts out well. I'll get a few Benefactors (approximately up to 9)
I expand the zoo somewhat slowly so I don't use up all my money (I usually start with 200,000) through the first year and if I don't keep building, I can actually start making a piddly amount.
But by year two, I've got 300-400 guests and Happiness just Plummets. I use what money I can to expand the paths to two lanes (three down the central lane from the zoo exit back) using cobblestone roads slowly (because by now I have a fair amount of path), I add brick fences, flowers, sculptures occasionally etc... and guest happiness STILL plummets and slowly but surely I lose my benefactors.
I check their wants.. a few are hungry, a few thirsty.. but nothing screaming out to say that EVERYONE is hungry or thirsty or what not and as I look randomly through guest thoughts, I never get any feeling for why the happiness level drops.
I'm frustrated as all get out. Does anyone have any suggestions?
How do I keep the little bastards happy?
I wouldn't be so frustrated if I had any sense on why happiness is plumeeting. No one's saying 'It's too crowded here' and even if it is, there are paths in the back they can use that a few of them DO use.

Thanks for your help
Yours in Extreme Frustration,
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I got MM the other day, and i love it =D yada yada...
anyway, i was wondering how you get the orca statues that are pictured in the screen shots on the box. I have all the new items and animals complete... but i didn't get those orca statues and stuff 0___0
Are they located some were else, or am just stupid?
did this happen to anyone else?