June 2nd, 2002


Okay, I haven't been at this game for very long, at I'm one of those people that skips the instruction manual, etc.

I've been going through the scenarios, and uh. So I'm only on the 2nd beginner one. I passed all of the requirements, except for the 70 on suitability of exhibits. Now, I looked, and I can't find where it says what the suitability of each exhibit is. The animal happiness wsa 94, all of them were happy with their exhibits, the guest happiness was 90, the zoo rating was 80. I don't know why my zoo rating is always so much lower than everything else, and I'm guessing it might have to do with the suitability. So, how do I find out what my suitability rating is for each exhibit?

I know, it's probably right under my nose. I'll take any suggestions, too.