April 17th, 2002


Argh! Help!

Flamingos! I hatessss them!

Ok, here's the deal: I'm on the Paradise Island scenario (first of the Very Advanced). It's one of those scenarios where all of the animals are donated, so you don't have any choice in what you get.

One set of animals is a pair of flamingos.

To win the scenario, I only need to get the flamingo exhibit up to 85% suitability. I can't get them above 82%.

Now, I never have flamingos in my zoos, because I think they're more trouble than they're worth. A couple of times I've tried to do the hippo/flamingo combination, but it just doesn't work for me. I'm following all of the directions in the strategy guide, and I'm tweaking the exhibit tile by tile, and I'm not getting anywhere.

Does anyone know how to make these blasted birds happy???
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