March 22nd, 2002

less than three

Cool beans!!

Funny Animals
Use the following names on the appropriate animals:

(Hippo) Fat: Two hippos Sumo
(Bear) Deer: Bear gets Free from Exhibit
(Lion) Nan: Get a baby from a male lion
(Unicorn) Larry: get size of a Dinosaur
(Dinosaur) Unicorn: One Horn
(Dodo) Doflopnok: Unlock the White Dodo
(Panda) Blackly: Unlock and turn in to a Red Panda
(Bongo) Bad: Turn in an Okapi
(Okapi) Tall: Get tall as a Giraffe
(Yeti) Bigfoot: Unlock the Bigfoot
(Yeti) Bentley: Turn in to Spyro's friend, Bentley
(Reindeer) Rulpoln: Red light nose
(Reindeer) Dancer: Dances with a female Reindeer
(Croc) Agent 9: Always happy
(Monkey) Agent9: Turn in to Spyro's friend Agent9
(Ape: Chimpanzee or Gorilla) Borneo: Unlock the Orangutan
(Ape) Kangaroo: Unlock the Wallaby
(Gorilla) Mountain: Unlock the Mountain Gorilla
(Tiger) Nope: Unlock the Magnet the Polar bear
(Tiger) Dog: Unlock all Worker Dogs and Great Dane
(Kangaroo) Shelia: Turn in to Spyro's Friend Sheila the Kangaroo
(Penguin) Sgt.Byrd: Turn in to Spyro's frend Sgt.Byrd the flying Penguin
(Sgt. Byrd) Fly: Fly out of Your Exhibit and Your Zoo
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Accidentally posted this in my own journal...

I've found more cheat codes and tricks!

Also, quite a few sites have original animals to download. One of these days, one of these days.... Maybe I'll even figure out how to make my own!

However, I cannot get any of the new tricks/cheats/eggs to work! Does it require a newer version of the game, or the "Dino Digs" expansion pack? I'm a bit put out, personally. Any suggestions?? The latest game update was 20 December, I think, and I've already downloaded it.
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