February 20th, 2002


Well, well, well...

Wow. This community is up to ten members, with an eleventh person sitting back and watching all the, uh, fun. Not too bad, when you consider that only 22 people on LJ have "Zoo Tycoon" listed as an interest.

Not much has been going on here, but now that there's a new expansion pack on the way, perhaps we can expect a little more life in the future?

As head of the community, I hereby welcome all the newbies to our little zookeepers' corner. For everyone else, I promise to actually pop in once in a while... and perhaps even start playing "Zoo Tycoon" again (the last few months have been a bit rough... plus, I got the Official Handbook, and realised I'd been doing everything wrong.)

Cheers, all.
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back again :)

hey people!!

i've finally passed the endangered species scenario and am on the first of the advanced scenarios - it took me about a million tries!!

i eventually discovered that i shouldn't put any food or drink stands, only restaraunts cause oterwise the guest happiness gets really low! I think it's cos they have to go to a few different stands and benches to get all their bars up whereas in the restaraunts, everything goes up...

anyway i'm babbling, everythings good, after i got my guests happy and finally got all the animals to breed right i passed!! WOo hoo! OK I really am too obsessed.

Well, on with the advanced scenarios!!!

Anyone know what the expansion packs going to have on it????
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