February 3rd, 2002

less than three


Everyone was so great in helping my last problem, I thought I'd ask another *grin*

So my Zookeepers are doing what they should be, feeding and cleaning, and I have a compost building now too ... but now my Zoo is so much larger (Unicorns, Yettis and some Bongos and Magnet Polar Bears *big grin*) I keep getting red messages saying "The Zookeeper can't get into the gate of Bongos" or "The gate to Yetti is blocked and unaccessable" (or words to that effect)

Whats the deal with gates? I find if I put them on my 'scenic' dirt path, the guests get in the way, or the maintenence workers stand around holding their collective butts and just generally being a pain in the butt ... what am I doing wrong?

Maybe I'm putting the gates in the wrong position? They aren't near water or anything, ... it all looks accessable to me :/

*excuse my spelling* ;)
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