January 23rd, 2002



i am having *serious* problems with my stupid guests!!!

At first they are happy, but as time goes on they complain about being hungry/thirsty/tired despite the fact that i have 3 restaurants and food places and benches lining every street! They are not even using half the places.

How do i make them go to the unused places to eat? They don't seem to want to go to certain parts of teh zoo....

man they annoy me.... i wich there were no guests in the zoo, lol
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Hi. My name is Donna, I'm new .. and I'm a Zoo-a-holic ;)

Um, not much else to say ... oh yeah, why don't my animals get fed? I been wondering that. I make the enclosure, make the animals happy, I have like 6 Zoo Keepers, and still there is no food :/

Perhaps I just suck!