January 19th, 2002



Wow! This community is up to 6 members! I'm impressed. Welcome, everybody.

During a kamikaze shopping spree with my boyfriend today, I managed to pick up the Zoo Tycoon Official Strategy Guide. When I've gotten a chance to look through it, I'll let you know if it's got anything interesting.

But, as we also bought a Playstation 2, PS2 games, a VCR, various and sundry cables and utilities to go with each, and considering that neither of us know what to do with all of them, it might be a while.

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why is it...

that my panthers are *always* unhappy!!!! in every scenario!

i am on my last intermediate scenario... yay for me! well yay for money cheats anyway, i could not have done any of them witht he money they tried to give me! stingy zoo people *mutter mutter*

oops they aren't real are they......
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