January 11th, 2002

Wedding Kiss

Which animal would you like to see added?

Just a little poll.
Which animal(s) and exhibits would you like to see added in an expansion (or to the web site)?

My personal additions include more birds: Eagles, Falcons, Buzzards, Peacocks etc.
An aquarium exhibit and a bat cave (bats are cool), an exhibit for microbiological critters (protozoa are cool too)
More aquatic animals.. walrus, dolphin, whale
Wild horses, Elk, Ox, Iguana, Komono Dragon, Otter, Python (or other large snakes), Sloth (and basically any "large enough" animal to be put in the game that isn't in already :) )
More "fictional" species (besides the yeti and unicorn): griffon, dragon, pegasus, manticore
More extinct animals.. not just dinosaurs but sabre-toothed tigers, wooly mammoths, do do birds etc. (this could be an entire expansion right here.. extinct animals!)

Any particular things on your wish lists?

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eek, i've been playing on zootycoon fo *way* too long today! But i've started on the scenario's and am on the intermediate ones now..

although i have a feeling i'm going to fail this one cos i have run out of money completely and still have 3 species to get before teh 12 months is up... doh!
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