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new member 
04:02pm 21/05/2008
  Hi there, I bought the original complete zoo tycoon (with marine mania and dino digs) three years ago and was addicted to it. Never played Zoo tycoon 2 but from what I’ve read it sounds pretty cool.

I found Marine Park Empire (similar game) for real cheap and have been playing that on my laptop which doesn’t have much memory and makes the game run veerrrrrrrryyyyyyyy sssssssllllllloooowwwwwllyyy. Not bad, but ZT2 looks better.

Does anyone know if they’ll be a new ZT game out? And what new features/animals would you like to see in one if there was? I’d like to see an aviary feature where you could build aviaries and stock it with number of different bird species, perhaps even allow visitors to walk through it. A reptile house and aquarium that you could buy and look inside and stock with various creatures, rather than just buy a building, would also be good.

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12:58pm 25/02/2007
mood: huh?
'ello, I'm new :)

Just wanted to say hi to everyone and it's nice to find an active Zoo Tycoon community on LJ. Anyhoo, just wanted to ask if anyone has been having problems with their giraffes. I have all expansion packs installed (Zoo Tycoon 2) and occasionally I'll get a few giraffes that become manic-depressive. They'll go to call to another giraffe or some other mundane thing and then become obsessed with doing that and will ignore food, water, sleep, and basic hygiene. I also have homicidal bengal tigers that are members of the mafia....because on two occasions I have found carcasses of fellow tigers (which they later EAT from) at the bottom of their little pool of water I have in the middle of their exhibit. WTF?

Also my evil female secretary bird randomly decided to murder her mate....who was named Batman. She now eats from the "Carcass of Batman" o.O What is going on?!?

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Marine mania for ZT2 
10:02pm 23/12/2006
  I picked up marine mania for Zoo Tycoon 2 about a week ago, and I'm impressed. Much better than AA and ES, adds a whole new dimension to the game. You can also swim with the animals too, which is kinda neat.

I've heard rumors that some of the animals (Whale shark, etc) will actually grow in-game, but haven't seen any solid proof yet.

Anyone else have it?

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08:08pm 28/09/2006
  Anyone know why, in ZT2, some of my items (mostly flowers) are showing up as big white blocks? :(  

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dinos bring darkness 
09:34pm 22/08/2006
  I bought and installed the dinosaur mini-expansion pack from the official ZT site. It's not very well done but there are lots of new extra features added to the game. Cool with me, since I don't have the AA or ES pack. One new addition is day/night simulation but the problem is, it made the daylight in my zoo extremely dim! It always looks like a really overcast day in the game now and the colors are all grayed out and grungy. Has anyone else experienced this?

I'm considering reinstalling the game entirely, but don't want to until I figure out how to (if it's possible) save the zoos I've already created. The downside is that I'd have to go through the challenges and scenarios all over again. :[

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11:50pm 02/08/2006
mood: curious
Okay I haven't played ZT2 in a long time but I just bought the African expansion pack. Is it true there's a marine pack and a dino pack? Where can I get them, I've only seen the African version.
Okay anyway, easy enough question. Meerkats, how do I keep those rascally buggers from digging out! I'm terrible at digging complex trenches and they can get out of those anyway. I also put deep water around the inside and outside of the exhibit and that didn't work. There were only like...3 fence types in the scenrio to start with and I can't get anywhere really..help XD

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12:53am 24/06/2006
mood: exhausted
I'm up way too late and irritated at twice failing the Asian Species (The Globe) challenge on ZT2. I lust after that world globe statue, or hey just anything new to liven up the same old objects/animals I've been (sort of) playing with for ages. Which leads me to this question...

Has anyone played the Endangered Species and/or African Adventure expansion pack? If so, has it made the game more fun, were they worth the money? 2 out of 3 Amazon customer reviews for African Adventure are less than enthusiastic. A new expansion pack is tempting, but I'd either like to finish the regular game scenarios or wait until both ex. packs are sold together, for a lower price.

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12:48am 28/04/2006
mood: annoyed
hi, I am new to this community I was hoping to find out something...

about a month ago I got zoo tycoon complete, it's great, next week I am gonna get 2 and expansion pack.

but in the first intermediate with dinos I seemed to do fine until the last 3 months and almost all at once the cages broke! the caution signs on the fence never seemed to come and when one was fixed, well dino escaped, or 2 or 3 without warning, no rust, no dents, nothing.

has this happened to anyone else? and I tried codes but it won't work. is it a glitch?

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04:34pm 29/12/2005
mood: calm
So, I'm new to this community, and it doesn't really look like many people update or comment much on here, which sort've really sucks. But, I thought I would do a sort've introduction, if you must.

My name is Danielle, I'm 17.. I'll be 18 in April. I am in love with animals, and I have tons of animals.. I've wanted a career with something to do with animals, I've thought about becoming a Zoo keeper, so the Zoo Tycoon game seemed cool to me.

When I was younger, like in 5th grade, my friend had the Rollercoaster Tycoon game.. and I thought it looked really really confusing and i definitely wasn't too interested in it, but i was seriously obsessed with The sims.. I got all of the expansion packs, I especially loved the whole unleashed one. :) I also now have the Sims 2 and the expansion packs, university and nightlife. I can't wait til they come out with an animal one for that, too.. it'd be awesome.

but anyways.. I also got Zoo Tycoon, and the marine mania and dinosaur one, too.. it was pretty interesting, I was pretty much addicted, I didn't like the dinosaur one though. And then I got Zoo Tycoon 2, and the endangered species expansion pack. At first I didn't like ZT2.. I liked the normal ZT more, but thats cause I wasn't used to the Zoo Tycoon 2 yet. I also didn't ever get to play JUST ZT2 cause I had installed the ES expansion at the same time.. so yeah. I cant wait to try out the whole tram things..
I'm having a lot of issues with it, and the whole making it go through the whole exhibits and stuff.. any tips?

Please comment.
♥ Danielle.

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08:06pm 27/11/2005
  Hey, I'm new here! I have the original ZT games, although I don't like the Marine Mania as much as the other two. I also have ZT2, but I really don't like it as much as ZT. Just thought I'd say hi. I'm currently installing ZT on my PC, as I reformatted my disc a while ago and have had the urge to play today.
Hope to meet some interesting people in this comm :)

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Hi people! 
04:34pm 28/10/2005
mood: bored
I am new to this community & new to zoo tycoon (2)
My boyfriend just bought me zoo tycoon 2, and I was addicted pretty much right away.
I wish I wasn't so busy with school & work so that I could play more ZT!

Has anyone else had problems with animals imbreeding? (hahaha so funny)...Is there any way to tell which baby is the offspring of which 2 adults? besides going by their numbers? I lost track of my camels and I think one of the moms is pregnant again and i think the dady might be her son or something...hahha i don't know what's going on..so i'm not sure who the new baby's daddy is! I don't want any bastard camels! hhahaa. I guess as soon as the children become adults one should release them into the wild or move them? Is this the only way to prevent such things?

Also, my freakin gazelles keep jumping their fence! I don't know how this is happening, the ground around them is flat and i'm using the highest fence availible. I was going to replace them with zebras cus they're so annoying, but i think my guests really like them, so they will stay, FOR NOW. muah ah ahhhh.

I look forward to this community. woop woop!

ps. I co-maintain a community: torontozoolove, it's good times!

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05:33pm 29/08/2005
mood: Smiley
Hi, I am new to this community so I thought I would introduce myself. I'm molly. There I'm done. Oh yeah, and I havn't got Zoo Tycoon 2 but I do have Zoo Tycoon Complete Collection. NOW I'm done.


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01:30am 06/06/2005
  Zoo tycoon dinosaurs

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hello hello! 
08:40pm 13/05/2005
mood: cheerful
I am very exited to find a livejournal community just for us ZT fans! I just joined but I have been playing ZT for a while now. I have the ZT complete collection and ZT2. Well, just saying hello! I will be posting later ...


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Zoo Tycoon 2 
06:20am 10/05/2005
  Anyone else prefer the original ZT to ZT 2?

For some reason I just couldn't get into ZT 2. I played it maybe twice. But the original? I played that baby all the time for a year.

Kind of disappointing.

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01:44pm 17/01/2005
  I was browsing el jay and found this community. I have zoo tycoon the expanded version.

I think they need a down load for something for small animals. I think it would be kool to have a bunny exhibit. :P

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12:16am 17/01/2005
  I downloaded some animals and a scenerio from Zoo Admin. I can't use them though! I did the add thing inside the game. That was all good. But when it reloaded, the extra animals weren't there. And there was no scenerio (it was the Carnivore scenrio)

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Custom animal request 
10:52pm 09/01/2005
  I've looked EVERYWHERE online and I've been unable to find an item like this. I'd be eternally grateful if someone could either point me to a download for this, or even make one.

I'm looking for a giant goldfish or koi for the Marine Mania expansion. I found a cute goldfish pond cloned from the duck pond, but no actual animal for an exhibit. A regular sized goldfish would be impossible to see in the game, and a giant one would be funnier, anyway. So what I'd LOVE to see would be a goldfish the size of the game's beluga whales.

Anyone have any clue how I can get my hands on such a download?

Thanks! :)

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01:32am 31/12/2004
  Hello everyone! I just joined. I only have the orginal Zoo Tycoon and it's my favorite game. Right now I'm stuck on the Island Zoo one and can't seem to get past it. I'm having a hard time getting the guest level past 88. How did everyone else do on this level?  

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02:24am 26/11/2004
mood: hi ^_^
Hey everyone I'm new! I've been playing the Zoo Tycoon games since they first came out. I'm sure everybody here can say that :)
I just bought ZT2 the other day. It's great! I can't wait to find out the cheat codes. I'm not one for using cheat codes all the time. I Just like to use them once in awhile :)
Maybe when I reinstall the original games I'll post my zoo's here. They aren't fancy because I never did get the hang of some of the fancy techniques, but they are nice :)

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